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2021/04/09 17:29:29
Bid Ask
42.61 43.04
Difference 1.07% (0.45)

The calculation of the key figures is based on the most recently delivered price of the underlying (see date/time stamp in tab underlying).

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Performance since inception. Performances under 12 month have only little informative value because of the short maturity. Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.
Source: Erste Group Bank AG
Advantages Risks you should be aware of
  • Investors receive an interesting bonus payment at the end of term even when prices go sideways or are falling, as long as the price of the underlying has not fallen to or below the barrier (“sideways yield”).
  • The barrier offers partial protection to falling prices ("risk buffer").
  • The return may be capped.
  • If the price of the underlying falls to or below the barrier, losses are possible. There is no capital guarantee and a total loss of invested capital is possible..
  • Investors bear the risk of the issuer Erste Group Bank AG.
  • This bonus certificate is not covered by any deposit guarantee scheme. Investors are exposed to the risk that Erste Group Bank AG may not be able to meet its obligations arising from the bonus certificates in the event of insolvency or over-indebtedness or from an official order (bail-in regime). A total loss of invested capital is possible.

Secondary market

During the term it is possible to sell the product during the trading hours at the exchanges, where the product is listed.

2021/04/09 17:29:29
Bid Ask
42.61 43.04
Difference 1.07% (0.45)

General attributes

IssuerErste Group Bank AG
Product typeBonus certificates
Stock exchangeVIE, STU
Underlying ISINAT0000730007
Underlying price41.18 EUR
Date2021/04/09 17:35:26
Issue date2021/01/25
Issue price40.78
Max. amount50.1000 EUR
Bonus level50.1000 EUR
Bonus level in %-
Bonus yield in %16.40%
Bonus yield in % p.a.17.60%
Barrier34.7000 EUR
Barrier in %-
Barrier distance6.48 EUR
Barrier distance in %15.74%
Barrier reachedno
Cap50.1000 EUR
Max. profit7.06
Max. profit in %16.40%
Max. profit in % p.a.17.60%
First trading day2021/01/25
Last trading day2022/03/16

The calculation of the key figures is based on the most recently delivered price of the underlying (see date/time stamp in tab underlying).

Bonus certificates | Description

Upon issue the bonus level is set above the initial price of the underlying. The barrier is set below the initial price. If the specific certificate comes with a cap (respectively a maximum amount), it is set at or above the bonus level.

The redemption at maturity depends on the development of the underlying. There are the following possibilities:
If the underlying does not fall to or below the barrier during the term, the investor receives at least the bonus level payment (considering the ratio). If the price of the underlying is higher than the bonus level at maturity, the higher amount is paid. The maximum amount determines the maximum payout. In case the barrier was hit during the term, the repayment depends on the performance of the underlying at maturity, but is limited by the maximum amount (if applicable). Potential losses are possible.

Price information

Today open41.96
Today high42.65
Today low41.87
Close (previous day)42.16
Spread in %1.00 %
Spread absolute0.43
Spread harmonised0.43
High price (52 weeks)42.65
Low price (52 weeks)37.37


Performance YTD in %-
Performance 1 month in %+9.14%
Performance 6 months in %-
Performance 1 year in %-
Performance 3 years in %-
Performance 5 years in %-
Performance since inception in %+5.01%

2021/04/09 17:29:29
Bid Ask
42.61 43.04
Difference 1.07% (0.45)

Date: 2021/04/09 17:35:26
Underlying Quote
41.18 EUR
Difference +1.18% (0.48)

General attributes underlying

Stock exchange (underlying)VIE
Currency (underlying)EUR
Start value underlying39.7600
Time21/04/09 - 17:35:26
Change in %1.18%
Today high41.18
Today low40.36
High price (52 weeks)41.72
Low price (52 weeks)25.14

Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.
Source: FactSet

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