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Erste Group exotic rates (for 1 EUR)

SelectNameCurrencyYou payYou getMidDate
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham (exchange rate)EUR/AED4.04053.84053.94052023/03/24 12:58
ARS Argentine Peso (exchange rate)EUR/ARS221.0976220.5976220.84762023/03/24 12:58
BAM Convertible Mark (exchange rate)EUR/BAM2.01541.89541.95542023/03/24 12:58
BDT Bangladeshi Taka (exchange rate)EUR/BDT115.5538110.0538112.80382023/03/24 12:58
BGN Bulgarian Lew (exchange rate)EUR/BGN2.01541.89541.95542023/03/24 12:58
BOB Bolivian Boliviano (exchange rate)EUR/BOB8.26656.56657.41652023/03/24 12:58
BRL Brazilian Real (exchange rate)EUR/BRL5.91185.46185.68682023/03/24 12:58
CLF Chile Unidad de Fomento (exchange rate)EUR/CLF0.02760.01760.02262023/03/24 12:58
CLP Chilian Peso (exchange rate)EUR/CLP898.8586843.8586871.35862023/03/24 12:58
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi (exchange rate)EUR/CNY7.56857.18857.37852023/03/24 12:58
COP Colombian Peso (exchange rate)EUR/COP5,330.15144,880.15145,105.15142023/03/24 12:58
CUP Cuban Peso (exchange rate)EUR/CUP25.809225.709225.75922023/03/24 12:58
DZD Algerian Dinar (exchange rate)EUR/DZD155.2033137.2033146.20332023/03/24 12:58
EGP Egyptian Pound (exchange rate)EUR/EGP33.365032.965033.16502023/03/24 12:58
ETB Ethiopian Birr (exchange rate)EUR/ETB59.085056.585057.83502023/03/24 12:58
GHS Ghanaian Cedi (exchange rate)EUR/GHS13.182213.113713.14792023/03/24 12:58
IDR Indonesian Rupiah (exchange rate)EUR/IDR17,440.861515,090.861516,265.86152023/03/24 12:58
ILS Israeli New Shekel (exchange rate)EUR/ILS4.00503.75503.88002023/03/24 12:58
INR Indian Rupee (exchange rate)EUR/INR89.710087.210088.46002023/03/24 12:58
IRR Iranian Rial (exchange rate)EUR/IRR45,331.283244,831.283245,081.28322023/03/24 12:58
JOD Jordanian Dinar (exchange rate)EUR/JOD0.80130.72130.76132023/03/24 12:58
KES Kenyan Shilling (exchange rate)EUR/KES142.8280139.1280140.97802023/03/24 12:58
KRW South Korean Won (exchange rate)EUR/KRW1,474.50001,324.50001,399.50002023/03/24 12:58
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar (exchange rate)EUR/KWD0.34610.31110.32862023/03/24 12:58
KYD Cayman Islands Dollar (exchange rate)EUR/KYD0.95080.83080.89082023/03/24 12:58
KZT Kazhakstan Tenge (exchange rate)EUR/KZT503.4382478.4382490.93822023/03/24 12:58
LKR Sri Lanka Rupee (exchange rate)EUR/LKR349.0660341.0660345.06602023/03/24 12:58
MAD Moroccan Dirham (exchange rate)EUR/MAD11.315010.765011.04002023/03/24 12:58
MDL Moldovan Leu (exchange rate)EUR/MDL20.722119.022119.87212023/03/24 12:58
MGA Malagasy Ariary (exchange rate)EUR/MGA5,429.14293,829.14294,629.14292023/03/24 12:58
MKD North Macedonian Denar (exchange rate)EUR/MKD68.990053.990061.49002023/03/24 12:58
MMK Myanmar Kyat (exchange rate)EUR/MMK2,373.93002,133.93002,253.93002023/03/24 12:58
MRO Mauritanian Ouguiya (exchange rate)EUR/MRO413.7048353.7048383.70482023/03/24 12:58
MUR Mauritius Rupee (exchange rate)EUR/MUR50.121848.621849.37182023/03/24 12:58
MWK Malawi Kwacha (exchange rate)EUR/MWK1,109.39721,095.39721,102.39722023/03/24 12:58
MXN Mexican Peso (exchange rate)EUR/MXN20.714419.514420.11442023/03/24 12:58
MYR Malaysian Ringgit (exchange rate)EUR/MYR4.97764.52764.75262023/03/24 12:58
MZN Mozambican Metical (exchange rate)EUR/MZN70.317866.817868.56782023/03/24 12:58
NGN Nigerian Naira (exchange rate)EUR/NGN506.7332481.7332494.23322023/03/24 12:58
PEN Peruvian Sol (exchange rate)EUR/PEN4.54693.54694.04692023/03/24 12:58
PHP Philippine Peso (exchange rate)EUR/PHP60.624656.124658.37462023/03/24 12:58
QAR Qatari Rial (exchange rate)EUR/QAR4.13263.68263.90762023/03/24 12:58
RSD Serbian Dinar (exchange rate)EUR/RSD119.3000115.3000117.30002023/03/24 12:58
SAR Saudi Riyal (exchange rate)EUR/SAR4.13903.91904.02902023/03/24 12:58
SCR Seychelles Rupee (exchange rate)EUR/SCR15.861514.361515.11152023/03/24 12:58
THB Thai Baht (exchange rate)EUR/THB37.817535.417536.61752023/03/24 12:58
TND Tunisian Dinar (exchange rate)EUR/TND3.33913.27913.30912023/03/24 12:58
TWD New Taiwan Dollar (exchange rate)EUR/TWD34.511930.761932.63692023/03/24 12:58
UAH Ukraine Hryvnia (exchange rate)EUR/UAH40.238639.038639.63862023/03/24 12:58
VND Vietnamese Dong (exchange rate)EUR/VND27,249.382523,249.382525,249.38252023/03/24 12:58

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