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Erste Group coins & precious metals (for 1 unit - additonal value-added tax on silver, platinum and palladium)

SelectNameCurrencyYou getYou payMidDate
Philharmonic Gold 20 ouncesEUR22,630.0023,230.0022,930.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/1 EUR 100EUR1,141.001,171.001,156.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/2 EUR 50EUR579.00601.00590.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/4 EUR 25EUR290.00308.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/10 EUR 10EUR118.50128.50123.502017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/25 EUR 4EUR49.5058.5054.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/1 ATS 2000EUR1,127.001,157.001,142.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/2 ATS 1000EUR564.00586.00575.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/4 ATS 500EUR277.00295.00286.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Gold 1/10 ATS 200EUR111.50121.50116.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 1000gEUR36,350.0036,750.0036,550.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 500gEUR18,170.0018,420.0018,295.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 250gEUR9,084.509,234.509,159.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 100gEUR3,634.503,709.503,672.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 50gEUR1,817.001,867.001,842.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 20gEUR727.00752.00739.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 10gEUR363.50383.50373.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 5gEUR183.00199.00191.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 2gEUR72.5084.5078.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 1gEUR39.5049.5044.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold bar 1 ounceEUR1,116.001,171.001,143.502017/05/26 14:54
Gold-Ducat 1EUR124.00132.00128.002017/05/26 14:54
Gold-Ducat 4EUR506.00530.00518.002017/05/26 14:54
Gulden 4 - GoldEUR106.00114.00110.002017/05/26 14:54
Gulden 8 - GoldEUR206.00220.00213.002017/05/26 14:54
10 Kronen - GoldEUR110.00118.00114.002017/05/26 14:54
20 Kronen - GoldEUR217.00231.00224.002017/05/26 14:54
100 Kronen - GoldEUR1,085.001,125.001,105.002017/05/26 14:54
Babenberger Gold ATS 1000EUR422.00442.00432.002017/05/26 14:54
Krugerrand Gold 1/1EUR1,135.001,181.001,158.002017/05/26 14:54
Krugerrand Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
Krugerrand Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Krugerrand Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Maple Leaf Gold 1/1EUR1,135.001,181.001,158.002017/05/26 14:54
Maple Leaf Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
Maple Leaf Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Maple Leaf Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Maple Leaf Gold 1/20EUR60.0074.0067.002017/05/26 14:54
American Eagle Gold 1/1EUR1,135.001,181.001,158.002017/05/26 14:54
American Eagle Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
American Eagle Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
American Eagle Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1kgEUR36,230.0037,030.0036,630.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 10 ouncesEUR11,200.0011,700.0011,450.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 2 ouncesEUR2,253.002,353.002,303.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1/1EUR1,135.001,181.001,158.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Kaenguruh Gold 1/20EUR60.0074.0067.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1KgEUR36,230.0037,030.0036,630.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 10 ouncesEUR11,200.0011,700.0011,450.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 2 ouncesEUR2,253.002,353.002,303.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1 ounceEUR1,135.001,195.001,165.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Lunar Gold 1/20EUR60.0074.0067.002017/05/26 14:54
Britannia Gold 1/1EUR1,135.001,181.001,158.002017/05/26 14:54
Britannia Gold 1/2EUR571.00607.00589.002017/05/26 14:54
Britannia Gold 1/4EUR286.00312.00299.002017/05/26 14:54
Britannia Gold 1/10EUR113.50129.50121.502017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1/1 until year 2015EUR1,129.001,229.001,179.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1/2 until year 2015EUR567.00627.00597.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1/4 until year 2015EUR283.00328.00305.502017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1/10 until year 2015EUR110.50140.50125.502017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1/20 until year 2015EUR58.0083.0070.502017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 30 gEUR1,093.001,149.001,121.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 15gEUR548.00588.00568.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 8gEUR292.00322.00307.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 3gEUR112.00132.00122.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Gold 1gEUR36.0054.0045.002017/05/26 14:54
Panda Silber 30gEUR14.7022.7018.702017/05/26 14:54
Napoleon GoldEUR205.00225.00215.002017/05/26 14:54
Vreneli GoldEUR205.00225.00215.002017/05/26 14:54
Sovereign GoldEUR255.00275.00265.002017/05/26 14:54
Mexico Peso 50 GoldEUR1,338.001,388.001,363.002017/05/26 14:54
Southafrican 2 Rand GoldEUR255.00275.00265.002017/05/26 14:54
Tschervonetz GoldEUR276.00306.00291.002017/05/26 14:54
Philharmonic Silver 1 ounceEUR16.3518.8517.602017/05/26 14:54
Maria Th. Taler mattEUR9.5016.0012.752017/05/26 14:54
Maria Th. Taler mirror finishEUR9.5021.0015.252017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 5000gEUR2,463.002,813.002,638.002017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 1000gEUR494.00564.00529.002017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 500gEUR246.00296.00271.002017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 250gEUR125.00155.00140.002017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 100gEUR49.0077.0063.002017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 50gEUR24.0039.0031.502017/05/26 14:54
Silver bar 10gEUR5.0015.0010.002017/05/26 14:54
ATS 5 silverEUR1.252.001.632017/05/26 14:54
ATS 10 silverEUR1.853.022.442017/05/26 14:54
Kookaburra Silver 1kgEUR492.00572.00532.002017/05/26 14:54
Kookaburra Silver 10 ouncesEUR141.00191.00166.002017/05/26 14:54
Kookaburra Silver 2 ouncesEUR29.8439.8434.842017/05/26 14:54
Kookaburra Silver 1 ounceEUR15.4020.4017.902017/05/26 14:54
Koala Silver 1KgEUR492.00572.00532.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Silver 10 ouncesEUR141.00191.00166.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Silver 1 ounceEUR15.4020.4017.902017/05/26 14:54
Philharmoniker Platinum 1 OZEUR866.00926.00896.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1kgEUR26,524.0030,024.0028,274.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 10 ouncesEUR8,250.009,400.008,825.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 2 ouncesEUR1,650.001,850.001,750.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1/1EUR825.00925.00875.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1/2EUR413.00493.00453.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1/4EUR206.00261.00233.502017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1/10EUR83.00113.0098.002017/05/26 14:54
Koala Platin 1/20EUR41.0068.5054.752017/05/26 14:54
Maple Platin 1/1EUR825.00925.00875.002017/05/26 14:54
Maple Platin 1/2EUR413.00493.00453.002017/05/26 14:54
Maple Platin 1/4EUR206.00261.00233.502017/05/26 14:54
Maple Platin 1/10EUR83.00113.0098.002017/05/26 14:54

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